Please note that Sunday school and services are cancelled until further notice. Visit our special page for Worship At Home Resources in the meantime and please contact us here if you would like to join us for worship services online on Zoom in the meantime.

The needs are great for Tree of Life and Loudoun Hunger Relief at this time. If you have opportunity, we encourage you to take food donations you might otherwise leave at the church to either of their locations in Purcellville or Leesburg so we can continue to assist those in need even though we are not meeting on Sundays.

We continue to have a stewardship obligation for the ongoing church ministry, mission and budget needs.  Members are encouraged to mail in their contributions during our absence from our normal SS and worship gatherings.  Checks should be made payable to WBC and mailed to the church address: WBC, PO Box 314 15545 High St, Waterford, Va 20197.  Elizabeth Owens is picking up our mail and will deposit any checks that arrive OR You might choose to create an automatic draft through your bank made payable to WBC.

Church is not something you go to. It's a family you belong to.


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Zoom Service - Every Sunday at 11 am

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Remember with cards and in prayer

Tammy Austin, Bertie and Bobby Baker, Betty Beasley, Woody Bedell, Kriss Benitez, Rod Berdie, Corie Cameron, Shawn Carter, Tony Dix, Doris Dixon, Marge Goss, Beryl Hocking, Joy Hutchison, Jim Kennedy, Ron Kessinger, Polly Payton, Nancy Peacock, Connie Pearson, Jean Reeder, Joan Schneider, Lucille Swaim, Kim Hyden Ufomata, Marcus Venema, Tom Walker and Margy Yost 
The countless number of person infected by the virus and their families
The older members of our society and those most vulnerable to the infection 
The medical staff working in hospitals and nursing homes across the country and around the world
Those working in labs to expedite test results and create vaccines which can combat the disease
The first responders who are face to face with those fearing they have contracted the disease 
The local, state, and national leaders working to implement the best plans and provide the needed supplies to the appropriate people and places
Those working in all the jobs that keep essential needs provided--truckers, delivery persons, mail carriers, the trash collectors, store clerks, grocery stockers, mechanics, technicians and construction workers, pharmacy workers, tellers in our financial institutes, teachers who are keeping our children and grandchild in the learning process, those same children who are adjusting to an entirely new way of learning, child care providers
Out of work parents worried about how they will provide for their family
Those who are alone, having no family or unable to depend on family assistance
The homeless
Those who live in fear without any faith in a Father to see their need, supply them comfort and peace during this time.

Please Contact Us if you or your loved one would like to be remembered in our prayers!

​​Waterford Baptist Church

COVID-19 Announcement:  Please note that services at the church will be cancelled until further notice. In the meantime, we will be worshipping together on Zoom. Please contact us here if you would like to join and visit Resources for inspiration and devotionals.