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Rev. Jerry Turner

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Message from the Pastor

I would like to welcome you to the Waterford Baptist Church website and hope that your review of the information presented stimulates your interest in visiting with our church family in person.  

We are historically a small congregation but have maintained an active presence in our community for over 160 years, in spite of a number of major events which could have led to our closure.  These events include an actual Civil War battle in our building and a fire, both of which I would encourage you to read about in our history.   

I believe our continuing life and ministry in Waterford is attributed to the faithful witness and commitment of our membership across these many years.  The number of members may be small but the heart and spirit generated is large.  We seek to provide a place of Bible study, worship, prayer, praise, mission and compassionate concern that touches and makes a difference in one’s life.  

I invite you to be a guest of our WBC family and experience the warmth of fellowship and the desire to share a genuine Spirit of Christ.  

May God Bless,

Jerry Turner, Pastor